Motorcycle Mountain Map New

<<NOTICE>> On April 19, 1995 I was driving home with the first printed copies of the Info-Map.
I remember that day well as it was the day of the Oklahoma City bombing. 
My late husband Bill Moody and I started doing the Info-Map for our friends that enjoyed motorcycles as much we did.
We wanted to do a map for motorcyclists that would show them the many great roads we knew that
were not usually shown on other maps.  Because we knew how hard it can be to read a map in a tank bag,
we printed all the road names in one direction.  Over the 24 years the map has been around it has been well received.
After the passing of my husband, I continued to ride for a few years, but now have other interest and no longer ride,
it is time to pass the map on to someone that will continue it's success.  That person I have known for longer than
the map has been around and I trust he will continue to show the great North Georgia roads and
the beautiful mountain trails we know so well.  There will be a time delay while this happens,
so check back here to see the progress. 

To everyone that has supported and enjoyed the Info-Map over the years, I thank you!  I have enjoyed doing it, ride safe.
Joan Moody

I do not have ANY maps, they are all gone.